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BEAT (Brussels English Actor’s Theater) emerged from the 10 years the Flanders Acting Studio has trained actors in Brussels, Belgium. I spent 25 years in California as an actor, director and lighting designer and started the Studio in March of 2007, wanting to bring the type of individualized, professional coaching to actors that I had experienced. The Studio has slowly developed from one initial class of 4 actors each week , to sometimes 4 classes and 40 students per week.

Drawing from the methods of Sanford Meisner and Ivana Chubbuck, I focus on developing an actor’s abilities to represent the human condition in extreme and imaginary circumstances. It is not about learning to become someone else, but learning to become more of who you are. Here, we do, instead of show; we live, instead of mask; and we honestly feel, instead of pretend.

Having completed at least one full class, the actors who auditioned, and were chosen, for their roles in Our Town are all members of the Flanders Acting Studio – with the exception of one, whose role required his young age. The Studio has mostly trained adults, old and young. Now, of course, he is a member as well.

I hope that this production will successfully establish a new venue where English-language theater of high quality and integrity will be produced for the public.

Thank you for your interest and support !

John Flanders,

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